The Academy Science Publishers (ASP) was established as a joint venture between AAS and TWAS and as a semi-autonomous unit within AAS to publish important new knowledge in the context of the African situation.


ASP edits, typesets, designs, publishes, markets and distributes scholarly books at tertiary and research levels for use as university texts or reference books. ASP started and continues to publish the following journals.



  • Discovery and Innovation
    An international, peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary journal launched in 1989, which is widely abstracted by international databases and abstracting periodicals;
  • Whydah
    A magazine launched in 1987, with an international readership, including African university and institutional libraries. 

ASP also supported the initiation of the African Journal of Medical Practice and helped it grow to maturity after which it was handed over to its editor and publisher.


ASP publications give prominence to global issues to highlight and address the pressing socio-economic problems facing the world. These publications are unique in that although they have a developing world setting they do not lose sight of current development trends in the developed world. ASP specializes in tertiary scholarly publications including journals and periodicals of international repute, proceedings and monographs on cutting-edge topics, textbooks and reference books for undergraduate and postgraduate level students.


ASP is strategically placed to promote, market and distribute AAS publications since it is a joint venture of TWAS and AAS, which are both honorary Membership organizations of scholars from Africa and the developing world and have open access to these two networks. Over the years ASP has developed a mailing list of scholars and policy makers in different disciplines for the distribution of its publications, which cover all sciences, including the social sciences